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Meet The Founder – Biddut Rahman

Biddut RahmanBiddut Rahman, the passionate food enthusiast behind kcorecipe.com. He has a deep love for exploring and savoring various fast food delicacies, and his curious taste buds always lead him to new culinary adventures.

Biddut enjoys celebrating special occasions like Thanksgiving with his extensive circle of friends and family. Due to the large gathering, he often relies on catering services from popular places such as Chick-Fil-A, Costco, Walmart, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Among all the options, McDonald’s holds a special place in Biddut’s heart, and their “Happy Meal” is his ultimate go-to choice, never failing to satisfy his taste buds. You can Join him on LinkedIn – Biddut Rahman.

However, during his journey of trying out various places, Biddut encountered a challenge. Some restaurants and catering services didn’t have their menu or pricing information readily available. In some cases, he had to go through the hassle of registering and installing apps just to view the menu prices, which he found to be quite complicated and time-consuming.

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